Broughton’s thankful for support of ice cream social

It is with much disappointment that Broughton Foods must announce the postponement of the annual Broughton Ice Cream Social. Our belief is that while the social will not take place this July, we do intend to restart this great Marietta tradition next year.

Accordingly, this pause will allow the company an opportunity to reorganize the duties and structure of the event. At this time, we would also like to take the opportunity to recognize the enormous benefits generated, some statistics on the quantity of ice cream our community has enjoyed and finally, the many incredible people who rolled up their sleeves to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this announcement won’t afford us the ability to recognize all the fantastic folks that have been so generous with their time in supporting the social. But we would like to recognize a number of individuals who’ve had a lasting impression on the event.

The Broughton Ice Cream Social began in 1984 as a community fund raising event to help the Marietta High School marching band purchase new uniforms and from there we’ve never looked back. From that point forward an estimated 20,000 gallons of ice cream, nearly 150,000 ice cream floats, and an estimated 8,000 jars of Smuckers topping, used to make delicious sundaes, have been enjoyed by the community. The local ice cream social was the brain child of the late Samuel Cook, who served as President and Chairman of the company for many years. His thoughtful leadership along with the support and guidance of the late Carl Broughton who provided leadership for the company for over 60 years, allowed the social to blossom into a community staple that has benefits more than 30 nonprofit organizations. To date $565,000 has been raised for the many deserving people in the community such as the YMCA, Hervida 4-H Camp as well as the Humane Society and Washington County EMS to name a few.

Of course these events could never be carried out without the dedicated people who gave their time and energy for the social. We would like to recognize a number of employees, individuals, families and clubs who again have made a lasting impression on the event. First we want to recognize some dear employees including Pam Jackson who organized the very first social as well as many that followed. Pam set the design and coordination for many socials to follow. Additionally, Linda Freed, with her incredible attention to detail, continued the effort for many years further as well as Cheryl Dewitt who has continued the monumental task of organizing and administering the effort often behind the curtains. The efforts of these three individuals are not measured in hours but days, thank you. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Jeryl Thrash who year in and out made the numerous delivery of tickets purchased by our local businesses as well as working at nearly every social. We also want to thank all the many employees, both past and present, which have helped in both preparation and on those Sundays in July in the effort to provide a great experience, thank you. Additionally we would like to recognize the service organizations such as Rotary, Zonta, Lions, Civitan, Pioneer Ladies, and Kiwanis who have recruited with their organizations to help supply the nearly 130 people necessary every year to volunteer their time, the list of those clubs is long and incredible, thank you. Also we want to recognize our Master of Ceremony, Mike Mullens, who has produced and directed the entertainment for the social for nearly 25 years, thank you.

Lastly, we want to recognize a number of people who stand out not just from their hard work each year but for their incredible longevity they have displayed. Let us first start by recognizing Colleen Cook, Mr. Sam Cook’s daughter, who has clocked over 30 years of service through her efforts at the annual social. Additionally, we recognize John Broughton, our resident photographer, who missed but one. Also, we want to recognize the Bill Ford family which includes his son Jerry. Bill, who is turning 95 this year, has worked at all 33 socials covering both the root beer float and sundae stands which are always busy, thank you. We are extremely appreciative for the support that each of your organizations have provided, including but not limited to the Fair Board, Smuckers Company, Barry Container, Marietta College, The Marietta Brewing Company and Oak Grove Fire Dept.

For those we have failed to mention in this announcement, please understand we appreciate your help these many years.

From Broughton’s, we hope to continue the tradition next year. Thanks again.

Broughton Management


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