Article was too hard on deputies who wasted time

On July 21, there was a local news article concerning three sheriff deputies who wasted time during their 12-hour shift. Why this was even published and deemed newsworthy is beyond me. Who in the workforce hasn’t done this? Thank goodness the media isn’t privy to private businesses or school employees or hospital staff. There are a lot of good people and excellent workers out there who would see their names in print.

Is this behavior to be condoned and/or encouraged? No, but it’s certainly not anything that should have been in the paper! The only thing I found appalling in this article was the amount of money our law enforcement personnel are paid! — $26 to $28 per hour? This low pay is probably comparable to all law enforcement agencies, as well as to our military personnel.

These are men and women we expect to literally put their lives on the line for us everyday, and they do! Every time they answer a call or make a traffic stop or knock on a door in response to a domestic disturbance or patrol the streets or stop a suspect, their lives could be in jeopardy, and we only pay them $28 per hour!? Now that’s not only a crime, but it’s also newsworthy.

Wendy Cook



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