School board candidate asks for support

I am writing today to announce my desire to be elected by the public to serve on the Marietta City School Board of Education. With the exceptions of your family and faith, there is nothing more important than the education of our children and grandchildren. I believe that every child deserves a quality education in a clean, safe, comfortable, yet challenging environment.

My family has lived together on our family farm for five generations. Marietta is our home, our pride, and our passion. I was first introduced to “Tiger” pride by my basketball coach Larry Burke when I was in high school in the mid-1980s. He painted those words on the wall of the locker room for everyone to see. His message was simple, but effective: Anything you do in life must be done with Pride and Passion if you are going to be successful.

My life on the farm and my business career has been built on two main principles. They are work ethics and family values. My wife Rebecca and I have done our best to instill these concepts in our children so this family tradition will continue. Anyone who knew my father Carl Duckworth can attest to his work ethic. Anyone who knows my mother Shirley Duckworth can attest to her passion for volunteering and making Marietta a better place to live. This combination has always been in my heart and I have carried it with me in my entire work career.

Public education in today’s world is a tremendous challenge. Marietta City Schools is faced with many issues both today and into the future. Very close to home are new schools being built over the bridge in Williamstown and just west of us at Warren Local Schools. We have five private schools in our community for parents to choose from. We have more and more students that are home schooled and there is a continual rise of students who are learning online and not going to a school building on a regular basis and in some cases not at all. Young families must choose where to live and the quality of a school system is often the deciding factor.

Our goal should be to make Marietta City Schools the standard by which others are compared. We are essentially a $25 million a year business that is entrusted to prepare our children and grandchildren for the challenges of the next generation. The state has controls in place to evaluate how we are doing as we work together to educate our children.

Who is leading the leaders? Who is coaching the coaches? Who is providing our teachers with everything they need to be successful? Who is evaluating our current status? Who is setting goals of where we want to be in the future? The public gets to decide at the election on Nov. 7. If elected, I will bring my dedication, passion, and knowledge of history to the Board of Education. Work ethics and family values … a proven formula for success. Please join me in having a voice in the future of our children and community on Nov. 7.

Mark Duckworth



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