Speaking out against racism and hate

As a white, Christian woman I must speak out against racism. The ugly undercurrent of racist groups has been with us throughout our history. The KKK started after the Civil war so white men could scare, harass and murder free black men and women. They wore hoods so they could attend church services and not be recognized as the murderers they were. The KKK became very strong again in the 1920s even though black men fought in WWI. This was the time when the most lynchings took place. White mobs burned whole communities of black people. It was during this time when many of the statues of southern generals and leaders were erected to frighten black people and keep them in their place.

The KKK was very much against Jews and Catholics. My mother remembers the cross burnings in Massillon, Ohio. In the ’80s my parents, husband and I were on a farm in Noble County, Ohio. I can’t remember the date but I sure remember how scared my mother was when the KKK had a rally at a farm about three miles from ours. It was a long night because she feared they would travel the three miles and burn a cross in our yard which had a small statue of Mother Mary indicating we were Catholic.

From that time, I can only get a small glimpse into the fear that my black friends and Jewish friends have when they see pictures of hooded white people or emboldened white men carrying tiki lights through the streets.

Racism is a sin. Some of my Christian friends are so against abortion. Why are they not outraged at racism?

Margaret Meeker



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