Woman’s Home should remain open

I received a message from one of my sisters who lives in Marietta, including a letter to the editor regarding the closing of the Women’s Home on Third Street in Marietta, effective end of June, 2018. In her letter she stated that the announcement was graciously accepted by residents, families and staff.

I am writing this letter to state that no one connected to the Women’s Home, including staff and other board members, are accepting of this announcement. One could say we were given no choice. This home was first occupied as a Woman’s Home by Civil War Veteran’s widows. An endowment was left to make sure this home would be available to the women (like our mother and all of the other residents) who do not have the financing to be able to live anywhere else. It has been a wonderful place for the ladies. They are cared for above and beyond what any nursing facility in the area provides.

The cost of living in any other local assisted living is also above what these residents could afford.

Many of the residents are totally unaware that the facility is planning to close because we (family members) cannot bear to let them know they may have to lose their present home. I contacted a state official who told the director that there is money to repair the roof, but was told this would not help as it was the maintenance costs (staff, etc.) that would not have the funding.

The Colonial Dames XVIIC has their endowment with Marietta Community Foundation and has in the past paid for an elevator to be installed, and recently completed purchasing the necessity of new windows.

The CDXVIIC has placed an endowment left by Mrs. Ruppert in the very capable hands of Marietta Community Foundation and after a big loss (due to stock market going down) a few years ago has recovered and as everyone knows stocks have been rising in recent months.

So my question is why do some board members (at the suggestion of some companies that have nothing, or should I say no one, to lose) decided it is time to close a facility that has served women in the Marietta area for over 132 years.

I have also noticed that there are some who stand to gain by selling the property to another company that will also be buying in the nearby area.

No, letter writer, we do not graciously accept this verdict.

We shall do everything we can as long as we have breath to save this Home for its present and future residents.

Francia (Rake) Engle



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