Thanks to Marietta College for eclipse hospitality

On Aug. 21, 2017, the Marietta area experienced a partial solar eclipse. Marietta College generously offered their grounds and facilities to the community to observe, understand, and appreciate this event. Thanks to Dr. Les Anderson, the progress of the eclipse was projected in real time by a solar telescope on a screen next to the science building. The planetarium was open for the NASA feed on the eclipse, and, for those wanting to view the eclipse more directly, protective glasses were provided. Physics faculty members including Dr. Ann Bragg, Dr. Craig Howald, and Dr. Dennis Kuhl were available to provide background information and assistance with the college’s telescope. Approximately 500 community members gathered on the college grounds to participate and enjoy this event. The college even provided ice water. As we watched the natural solar show, we appreciated the positive sense of community almost as much as the eclipse itself. Thank you, Marietta College faculty and staff, for sharing your marvelous (and stellar) facilities.

Gwen and George Banziger



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