Teen who needs ‘safety net’ impressive

My hat is off to Margaret Anne Cook from East Liverpool who wrote eloquently on Feb 22 about her struggle to survive poverty, addiction in her family and lack of opportunity.

She seems to not only be surviving but is thriving against all odds. She credits government funded programs like SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) Medicaid and subsidized housing with providing her the basics when her parents could not. She somehow has stayed in school and has stayed positive despite overwhelming obstacles.

My question to our elected officials who seem intent on cutting vital safety net programs after providing tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations is this: What would you have the children do? Starve? quit school? Live under a bridge?

Programs like SNAP and Medicaid often provide the stability that kids like Margaret Anne Cook rely on to become the generation to break the cycle.

She is our future. Don’t cut her legs out from under her.

Virginia M. Vogts