Community support enables Right Path

On Friday May 25, 2018, The Right Path for Washington County wrapped up our 2018 fundraising with our 10th annual Fish Fry at the VFW Post #5108 on Pike Street in Marietta. Several years ago our board member, Karen Waller, declared us a fundraising board! All the money we raise, with the exception of our shopping cart race, Righditarod (this money is raised as a community service project then given to our 13 local food pantries and the Harvest of Hope), is used to provide prevention activities for youth sixth through 12th grade as alternatives to drug/alcohol use/abuse and other risky behaviors that prevent our youth from achieving their potential.

This would not be possible without all the behind-the-scenes planning, advertising, cheerleading and our very own Right Path board members. Our board has been together since 2004, most of them are original members, staying on because they believe in our mission and care about our youth and their families. We have a mutual respect and love for each other, as well.

This speaks volumes as to why the Right Path remains an important piece of the prevention puzzle, working with other nonprofits to strengthen opportunities for youth to be involved in their community.

Best known for summer dances and swim parties, we have been known to mix things up a bit and this summer promises to be no different!

We have added new partners this year and will be working with them to strengthen their initiatives as well.

A full list of events and swim parties are posted on The Right Path for Washington County’s facebook page.

Many hands continue to make our load lighter and thanks for all our community support, donors of time, talent and auction items: Fish Fry champions include VFW Post #5108, Washington County Behavioral Health Board, The Right Path Board, Ronnie Davis, Wilda Horton, Miriam Keith, Shirley Holland, Tara Plaugher, Juvenile Court, Judge Williams, Letha Haas-Haas Septic, WMOA, Johnny Wharff, IHeart Radio, Doug, Greg and John, Doreen Horn, Mark Mondo, Mark Schwendeman-Schwendeman Insurance, Workingman’s Store-Dave Schramm, Derrick Fox-Hair Revolution, Victoria Brown-Sweet Gypsy, Levi Holbert, Jeannie McAlarney-Avon, Over the Moon, Edward Jones, Karen and Carl Waller, Peter and Karen Prigge, Framing Gallery, Harmar Bridge Co./Harper’s Landing, John Triplett, Kaelly and Joel Erb, Sherry Porter, Ruth Devol Gray, Chauncey Green, Second to None Graphics, Baker & Baker Jewelers, Pretty Nails, Maribeth Miller Browne, Dee and Bill Standish, Greg Siegfried, Justin Moody, Jim Amrine, Marietta Times, Marietta Community Foundation-Heather and Britani, Gary Williams, and United Way.

Special shout-out to Ed Williams, Williams Auctioneers for sharing his services with us! If I forgot anyone it is not intentional; as you can see our list of supporters is amazing!

Thank you for your continued support!

Cathy Harper,

on behalf of the Right Path,

a United Way Agency