Mobile service office helpws 31 veterans

On Tuesday, June 26, local Veterans in need of help in seeking earned benefits and health care from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Benefits Administration were invited to a special event. Highly trained National Service Officers from the Cleveland offices of the Disabled American Veterans arrived in the DAV Mobile Service Office. This truck, equipped with all the necessary communications and information processing to initiate claims, and appeals of previously rejected claims, was on site at the Marietta Chapter 52 DAV location.

Thirty One (31) Veterans, most with a family member alongside, were given the most current information and professional help getting their personal situation headed in a right direction to getting all the help from the VA for which their service in America’s armed forces qualified them. The National Service Officers started early, before the official 9:00 AM start time, and stayed until past 6:00 PM to serve all the Veterans who came out.

Several signed up as new members of our local DAV Chapter. Everyone enjoyed fresh coffee and pastries from Stoked Coffee, and lunch was pizzas from Pizza Place, and plenty of soft drinks.

Special thanks to WTAP Daybreak, Talk of the Town on WMOA radio, and the staff of Marietta Times for helping get the word out.

Disabled American Veterans is a national non-profit dedicated to helping those who bear the scars of their military service in the defense of the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans, and empowering veterans to live high quality lives with respect and dignity. We thank everyone in the community for your continued support.

Bruce Edward Haas

Chapter Service Officer

Pioneer City Chapter 52

Disabled American Veterans