Judge candidate unfit for Supreme Court

I think Judge Kavanaugh is unfit to be a Supreme Court Justice.

His viewpoint would stack the court with yet another extreme right wing ideologue.

He very well could be the most extreme voice of the other extremists on the court.

Among some of his views are:

The president cannot be investigated or indicted; in other words, above the law.

That the president can decide at a whim what in the United States Constitution can be deemed unconstitutional at his/her prerogative.

His appointment could overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Recently, it’s been revealed that Kavanaugh was quoted in ’99 that the Supreme Court was wrong to have … unaninmously … ordered Nixon to turn over the recordings which lead to his resignation.

Views like his would create an unbalanced court in the USA’s top Judiciary for maybe two generations hence.

The cat is out of the bag that Trump and Kennedy made a back room deal in which his retirement was hinged on Mr. K. being nominated.

This is what’s known as corruption, Senator Portman. True, a small blip on the radar of the blaring corruption operating as I type, in this Republican government.

Recall a certain Mr. Pruitt or a current scandal ridden cabinet member, Mr. Zinke, to name but two; then there’s Paul Manafort and the 34 other indictments.

Judge Kavanaugh is widely seen as Trump’s “Get out Jail Free Card.”

Your voting record indicates that you have voted at a rate of 93 percent along party lines in spite of Trump’s disastrous mismanagement of the Executive Office.

It’s so bad working for the White House that something like 30 people have resigned their positions.

I encourage you to think this one through very carefully and consider “Changing Horses” for this nominee.

A prospective Justice who is in the middle; who can think clearly at the whole picture, is badly needed.

Paul Tescher



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