Meyer is a football coach, not a marriage counselor

Apparently Urban Meyer’s fault was not coming to you for advice, because you could have told him what to do. But let me point out that until quite recently the advice you would have given him would have been in direct contradiction to what the law and social norms would have allowed. The problems between the offending coach and his wife were considered private between the couple and it was not the business of the employer to referee in the personal lives of his employees. Meyer is a football coach, and not a marriage counselor. The abused wife had gone to the law, which was applying whatever remedies its experience determined were suitable. Abusive husbands don’t think of themselves as abusive, and I don’t suppose they think of anything when they lose control, so I don’t suppose fatherly advice from Mayer would have had any effect. (For all we know that was what Meyer was doing). You seem to be saying that Meyer should have fired his assistant earlier, I haven’t heard what the coach is doing now, but I imagine it is very difficult for him get any employment at all with such notoriety following him. So now we have not only an abusive husband dealing with the law, but an unemployed abusive husband dealing with the law, with no money to support his family. I guess that should teach him! It’s one more example of the nanny state involving itself where it has no business going. The law either was or was not performing its proper function. To ask Meyer to know and do more than the law is unjust. Meyer’s punishment is ridiculous, and his suspension and his forced apologies are concessions to the power of the advocates of the nanny state. Richard Davis Marietta