More needs to be done about dangerous dog

There were several dog incidents from this dangerous pitbull dog, but nothing has been done with the dog — only small fines to the owner for not controlling the dog.

My little dog was attacked and killed by the dangerous pitbull dog, weighing 50 pounds or so. But my little chihuahua dog named Jack-o that weighs 5 pounds was bitten one time and carried in the dangerous dog’s mouth back to its property and killed him while the owner watched and didn’t intervene to protect my little dog. The dangerous dog was not restrained … it’s even bitten a lady and my best friend’s dog twice.

My dog died for senseless mistakes that were overlooked. And my friend’s dog did survive the two separate attacks because my friend was there in time to stop the dangerous dog from further hurting his dog and it even came on to my friend’s property and attacked his little dog in the second attack. His little dog only weighs 9 pounds, plus his dog was seen by a vet; costs alot of money for emergency vet office calls.

The Ohio Revised Code 955.11 is Ohio’s dog law for nuisance/dangerous/vicious dogs. That means as defined as a dog without provocation while off the owners property chased or approached a person in either a menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack has attempted to bite or otherwise endanger a person, killed another dog, or has been subject of a third dog violation. But what about all of the previous attacks or incidents when they could have taken the dangerous dog then? Why was it not taken in previous incidents when the owner was clearly violating the law?

Justice for Jack-o and Buttercup

Joseph Brookover