People should be outraged by Trump’s actions

I don’t understand the total lack of comment from the editor of this newspaper and from most Republicans when our president continues his daily destruction of what it means to be an American. We have forgotten what decency is all about as President Trump goes about destroying what past generations, both Republican and Democrat, have built. I cannot believe that a sane person would do the things that he is doing on a daily basis.

Donald Trump has taken us out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change that every other country in the world has endorsed and he and EPA director Pruitt weakened the laws that ensure that we have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe, not to mention a habitable planet.

So in addition to wars and unrest causing the influx of refugees into the United States and Europe, climate change is also creating refugees when countries are unable to feed their people. Stopping people at the border and separating them from their children was shameful and an embarrassment to our country. Congress should have worked together on immigration reform years ago.

The Republicans have passed a very large tax cut which mainly benefits the 1% and Donald Trump and now they are talking about a second tax cut. At the same time, President Trump is pouring money into defense and now wants a “Space Force.” I thought the Republicans were against deficit spending. Oh, and Mr. Trump’s military parade is still being planned – just like the ones Putin has in Russia.

And if the Republicans retain their majority in Congress this fall, they will now tell us we need to cut spending because of record deficits. They have already been weakening Obamacare and cutting back on Medicaid. After closing most of our Planned Parenthood clinics for poor women, we are now 46th in maternal mortality. Medicare is not safe either as the Republicans have always wanted to convert Medicare into a voucher program. At least the Congress will continue to have the “best health care in the world” paid for by you and I while the rest of us struggle to afford coverage.

I guess it’s no secret that many Republicans want to stay in control of Congress in order to protect President Trump from impeachment. Perhaps President Trump was right when he said he could shoot someone and the people would still support him. It is so sad that the very people that support him are hurt the most by his policies. Where is the outrage?

Carol Lazear Mitchell