Responders need legible house numbers to find you

It’s early morning and raining with light fog. A member of your family is having a heart attack. You call 911 and the dispatcher instantly knows your address. You give them your information and hang up. The fire department is dispatched to your home. But,there is a huge problem. Your mail box out along the street or road doesn’t have a house number or has 1 inch tall numbers and some are missing. Your house doesn’t have a house number on it either. You panic wondering why the fire department hasn’t arrived. You call 911 again asking where the fire department is and they tell you the squad is having trouble finding your home.

This scenario happens way too often in real life. The delays of treatment for accident victims or seriously ill folks due to 1st Responders not being able to locate the home or right location. It seems I write the editor about this subject once a year begging for people, just not in our jurisdiction, but all over the county to help EMS and fire crews find you easier and quicker.

If you call for help, is someone able turn on a porch or yard light? Better, have someone stand out near the street and flag down responders, if able. Take the time to walk out to the street and look at your home and mailbox. Does the mail box have legible numbers, are they 2 inches or taller? Is the mailbox lettered on both sides? Is your home numbered and if so, can you see it from the street or road?

Please help us to be able to help you without delay. Spending a few dollars for new numbers could save the life of someone you love.

Asst. Chief James Wark