Roberts, Johnson, very different with public

On a recent Friday evening, friends and neighbors gathered in Devola to meet with Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives from the Ohio Sixth Congressional District, Shawna Roberts. Roberts is challenging the Republican, Bill Johnson, who currently represents the Ohio Sixth, which includes Washington County. Johnson has been in office for eight years.

What is striking is the contrast of this gathering and the one that was reported a few weeks ago in which Johnson, who is charged with representing all of the residents of the county, chose to meet only with the “business leaders” in an unpublicized meeting. This is a pattern for Johnson who has repeatedly refused to hold open meetings with constituents, despite many invitations over the years.

The House of Representatives is designed in the Constitution to be “most responsive to the electorate” with members standing for re-election every two years. Why then is Bill Johnson spending time only with business leaders? Don’t be fooled if he shakes your hand at the county fair or waves at you from a parade float.

If he really wanted to know what you think he would invite you to a meeting where questions could be asked. The citizens of the Ohio Sixth deserve better!

Teresa Porter