Shawna Roberts is the change this area needs

Enjoyed walking in the fair parade Saturday wearing a Shawna Roberts T-shirt. Roberts is the Democratic candidate for Congress representing the 6th District, my district. It was fun to see our community, including former students, as they enjoyed the parade with family and friends.

I walked for Shawna Roberts because, after hearing her speak, I was impressed with her knowledge of the issues. She cared about the people of our community and she had new, fresh ideas for our 6th District. Shawna Roberts, a wife, mother of five, refers to herself, as “an ordinary citizen, with hopes and dreams, just like you.”

Roberts understands the importance of healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid to her family and the people she hopes to represent as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. She knows first hand that much of District 6 is rural and promises to work hard to bring broadband to her constituents providing fast consistent internet to all. Ask Roberts about her plan to bring broadband to encourage entrepreneurs in our area, to open more online higher education to our citizens, to encourage more businesses to move to our area and to make public education equal for all students in Ohio. Shawna Roberts stresses the importance of infrastructure for safety, economic growth, and jobs and pledges to make this one of her main issues.

Finally, Shawna Roberts knows the importance of listening, being available and acting. She has been as frustrated as I have been trying to meet with Bill Johnson, our current representative, to share my thoughts and concerns on issues. Shawna has met with me on three occasions in the last four months. As a representative for District 6, Johnson has had no public town halls in years. Shawna Roberts is having at least one town hall meeting in each of the 18 districts she will represent. Bill Johnson voted against healthcare 52 times and wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid. He promised to work on broadband but has done little. He voted against net neutrality and has done little work on infrastructure and the jobs it could bring.

It is time for a change. Vote Shawna Roberts for Congress to represent us in the 6th District. She believes in you and me and will work for us!

Betsy Cook