Congressman Johnson needs to support America’s economy, national security

On Nov. 27 I wrote our Congressman Bill Johnson, to strongly urge him to support Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposed “Select Committee For A Green New Deal.” I outlined how Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal benefits America’s environment, America’s economy, and America’s national security.

Additionally, I expressed to Congressman Johnson my belief that these green jobs should be directed toward Appalachian Ohio and other areas most impacted by the decline of coal jobs. We must protect retired miners’ pensions and healthcare. We must also create new economic activity that will replace any coal jobs lost due to the inevitable energy transition.

Congresswoman-elect Ocasio-Cortez’s plan will: “take into account and be responsive to the historical and present-day experiences of low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural and urban communities and the front-line communities most affected by climate change, pollution and other environmental harm.”

If that is true, then it is my sincere belief this plan will benefit Southeastern Ohio and all of Appalachia, which have been left behind and taken advantage of by corporate and fossil fuel interests for far too long.

Therefore, it is my hope Congressman Johnson will collaborate with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to direct green jobs to the Ohio Valley and other regions that lost coal jobs. Our coal miners risked it all and sacrificed so much to keep the lights on and power America. Now, it is our duty to them to fight for their healthcare, their pensions, and the 21st Century jobs they (we) deserve.

Taylor Myers