Thanks for support of Marietta Recycling Center

‘Tis the season that we celebrate the holidays by baking, buying gifts and with friends and family! This is an especially busy time at the Marietta Area Recycling Center (MARC) with increased volume from all of the holiday activities. It is at this time of the year that it is important to thank all of the public, businesses and volunteers that make continued operations at the Marietta Recycling Center possible.

MARC is unique in that it is totally volunteer run and our volunteers handle on average 800 tons of materials a year. Volunteers come no matter the weather (except a few flood days) to make sure that we can maintain the inflow daily, 365 days a year. This is no small task and so my sincere thanks to the following volunteers: Carol Bailey, Brad Bond, Laura Bradley, Cindy Brown, Denee Burton, Josh Caldwell, Karrie Damm Family, Kathy DesMarteau, Tom Farish, Donnie Heiss, Sandy George, Jim Grecni, Anita Kesterson, Jody Kohler and Jim Wright, John Line (website), Adele Long, Sally Norton, , Donnie Murray, Barry Murphy, Paul Nichols, Darlene Ogletree, Tom O’Neil, Jon Ortt, Sue Price, Esther Salem, Glenn Santee, Rakibul Sarker, Raodet Sarker, Cathy Schafer, Russ Schreiber, Tammy Schreiber, Nikki Tidd, Jennifer Tinkler, Lori Tofaute, Becky Wright (co-coordinator) and Susan Wunderlich.

We also have some volunteers through Marietta College’s Leadership Program who have been extremely helpful to MARC as follows: Andrew Novak, Michaela Riley, Quinn Rundgren, Braeden Wallace and Sebastian Ziaja. A special note of thanks to the family of David Buchanan, a very dedicated volunteer who passed away this year. There are also many anonymous recycling volunteers that when they are at MARC dropping items off straighten materials or take action if something is required.

In 2018, the secondary materials market tumbled by almost 50 percent as pricing has been heavily dependent upon demand from China. As China’s economy has slowed, they have become more selective on the materials they take which has created a glut in the U.S. Market. This is a challenging situation for a non-profit volunteer-run recycling center but through donations and sponsorships we are closing the funding gap. The following businesses and organizations have donated to help make this possible: All Pro Nutrition, Eye Care Associates of Marietta, Colegate Woods Veterinary Hospital, Marietta Adventure Company, Marietta College, Peoples Bank and River Cities Financial Services. Not only do these businesses support MARC, they are all recyclers!

We also have been able to continue to accept plastic bags and plastic film this year because of the generous assistance of Mondo Polymers. They pick up these along with plastics that do not compact well within our compacter. This has led to more efficient utilization of the compacter, as well as eliminating a volunteer hauling these items in their car which took a lot of trips and time. A special note of thanks to Becky Wright the volunteer that did this until Mondo said they would help out. Mondo also takes our plastics when possible and makes tire chalks and guardrail blocks out of it. We are lucky to have a local company that can utilize our plastics and helps us be able to recycle one of the bigger nemeses of the plastics world, plastic bags.

The Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste District provided our new trailers and hauled steel and green and blue glass. This has helped, literally, unload some of the weight off Donnie Heiss’ shoulders that he has carried for the last 23 years as our hauler extraordinaire. If you have been to the Recycling Center much, at some point in time you have most likely seen Donnie over the years loading onto his trailer our totes for aluminum, steel and colored glass. He has always been on tap to lend an extra hand especially in times of great stress such as when we were doing flood preparation at our site 3 times this past spring and then helping get the site re-opened as soon as possible, which at least once meant shoveling river mud off our main collection area.

The recyclers that come to MARC are also very helpful by following materials guidelines and sorting into appropriate containers so that volunteers can focus on review for contamination and packing for goal tonnage. Many also help by donating to MARC, so a big note of thanks for supporting the Recycling Center in these ways!

A reminder as we go into the holiday season. We accept paper (wrapping paper, office paper, newspaper, magazines and soft bound books), cardboard (flatten), steel, aluminum, green/clear/brown glass (bottle glass only), #1, 2, 4 and 5 plastics (recycle triangle on bottom of container). Please sort into the designated totes at the site as our volume exponentially increases during the Season. Have a Happy Holiday!

If you have any questions on materials, visit our website at mariettarecycling.org or our Facebook Page.

Would you like to volunteer? Make a New Year’s resolution — an hour a week can make a difference. Call 740-373-3372.

Kathy Ortt


Marietta Area Recycling Center