Trump’s behavior against the media is un-American

Donald Trump’s willingness to soft pedal the brutal murder of a journalist is a disgusting reminder of his disregard for the ideals that made this country great. The virtuous ideas of our founders are regularly bludgeoned by his repulsive ego and trampling of traditional norms. Constant lies and alternate facts have replaced truth and serious discourse. Long-time allies are pushed aside while Trump cozies up to thugs and dictators who stroke his ego while undermining our interests.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the media resemble those of authoritarian leaders who fear the power of truth. His constant intemperate railing against our legal system undermines the rule of law and sows distrust. Baseless challenges to the legitimacy of our elections undermine our democracy and embolden our enemies. Trump’s disrespect of these pillars of our democracy is appalling and dangerous. Pick any authoritarian regime on the planet and you will recognize these as the means to gaining and maintaining control.

None of Trump’s words and actions surprise me, but the Republican shift from long-held core values of the Republican Party is astounding. The “family values party” now embraces as their leader a lying, bullying, immature man who does not respect the very institutions he was elected to protect. From his porn star payoff, sexual assault bragging, and childish name calling, our children have as a role model a man that just a few years ago would have brought shame to the party of honest Abe Lincoln.

Kim McMichael