Understanding Washington County CSB redesignation

There has been a lot of misinformation regarding the redesignation of Children’s Services. We would like to set the record straight.

The Children’s Services Board (CSB) has been in deficit spending since 2009. Each year CSB spends more money than it is allocated from the County General Revenue Fund. From 2010 to 2017 the CSB used “carryover” money to meet its obligations, rather than reduce expenditures.

Last year, in 2017, CSB was officially broke. It could not pay its bills nor meet its payroll. Only an emergency allocation from the Board of Commissioners and donations from other Children’s Services agencies allowed it to operate. The CSB refused to reduce its expenditures.

After spending $1.55 million of county tax dollars in September 2018, CSB was insolvent. It could not meet its payroll or pay its bills. Only a $200,000 transfer from Jobs and Family Services (JFS) and another emergency allocation allowed CSB to continue to operate.

CSB has promised its vendors it will pay its November and December bills with next year’s allocation.

CSB is bankrupt and yet refuses to reduce its expenditures.

In 24 months, the CSB has failed to offer one suggestion, one recommendation or even one idea to help reduce its costs. Its response is always the same, “we need more money.”

While CSB runs a deficit and cannot meet its obligations, it continues to fund individual employee’s car insurance premiums, bottled water service and private janitorial service.

CSB has refused to place its employees on the county employee insurance plan, opting instead to purchase its own insurance — at a higher cost.

CSB is not interested in managing tax payer’s money in a reasonable manner.

The voters of this county recognized the crucial need for placement for abused and neglected children and approved a levy so those children would be safe.

We cannot and will not allow the CSB to continue its mismanagement. We are obligated to protect public dollars and the children of this county. We will not allow CSB to freely spend more taxpayer money when it has proven so incapable on managing money in the past.

Washington County Board of Commissioners

Rick Walters, President

David White, Vice President

Ron Feathers, Member