Diversity in House of Representatives a welcome change for America

Good news! Sanity and wisdom have come back to the House of Representatives! What a beautiful sight to see; so many women and people of color taking their historic places, adding to the complex mosaic of American government in the 21st Century. It did my heart good to see the smiles and happy faces of first-time members and their families; they will bring new life and new ideas to these extremely troubled governing bodies. And just as importantly, they will be excellent role models for those coming up to follow. We will heal this country’s woes by continuing to elect those who believe in government and want to make it work for all of us.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will once again be able to use her great experience and exceptional skills to begin to right the ship of state, and head it in a new direction. She will be ably assisted by congressional Democrats, and not a moment too soon. The suffering of the American people is immense.

If we want to survive as a country, we must turn away from the old ways of existing — they no longer work. Indeed they never really did for most of us. The growing presence of women, and people of color, in our governing bodies is the saving grace that will transform this country into one that truly cares about ALL of its people. The American mosaic, E Pluribus Unum; out of many, one. One people, one family, one purpose: to build a better world, one with equality and justice for all. We are the ones that we have been waiting for; we must shake ourselves awake, let go of the American dream and create our own beautiful reality.

Regina Carpenter

Little Hocking