If you are against Trump, you are against America

We, the American people, are truly at a crossroads in our political landscape. Roughly, half of our politicians no longer appreciate what makes America special when compared to the rest of the world. For instance, there is very little doubt that a border wall will work as a cost-effective deterrent to illegal immigration and smuggling. It is actually very cheap when compared to the $220 billion we spend each year on social services for illegals. It has worked very well in places such as Hungary and Israel. The media and the Democrats keep claiming that we are a nation of immigrants. That is true, but we are a nation of legal immigrants.

Our politicians constantly go on national television and mislead the public. Recently Nancy Pelosi said that illegal aliens don’t bring any diseases with them, which is absolutely false.

Chuck Schumer said recently that 95 percent of the illegal drugs come in through ports of entry and not the southern border. That certainly may be true for fentanyl that comes through China. However, the majority of heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine still come across the southern border.

In addition to the unpatriotic politicians’ attack on American culture, they have also gone after our president. When this country was founded our forefathers absolutely hated the idea of blank warrants. These were issued to prosecutors to find crimes against the opponents of the king.

We are currently doing the same thing with the Mueller investigation. He was given a blank warrant under the guise of Russian collusion, which no one has offered any evidence. Under the Obama administration, Americans were being spied on with fake warrants and American’s conversations were listened to (unmasking). All sorts of tactics the forefather despised.

General Flinn was interviewed for a nonexistent crime and seven months later they claim he lied to the FBI. So basically he lied about a nonexistent crime.

Our forefathers were great champions of the media as the media protected our constitutional rights. Currently, they are all salivating with the swamp. All is done to reverse the constitutional election of President Trump.

As has been said, if you love America you understand what President Trump has been trying to do in Washington, but if you despise what America stands for, then you are against every action Trump has taken while in office.

George Tokodi