Moving forward in the Marietta school system

As a parent of two children in the Marietta school system, nothing is more important to me than the education of my children. In order for children to be successful later in life, a strong foundation and the best tools to build upon that foundation are essential. Marietta City Schools is currently working to improve our school system in a variety of ways, one of which is developing a plan to improve efficiency and effectiveness through the building of new schools. The board and the administration have engaged community members in this work, including parents and other community members through organizations like Washington State Community College. This is a large task, as evidenced by the process that our neighboring school districts, Warren Local and Williamstown, are currently going through. Clearly, the school board and administration is developing a plan to move forward.

As the director of the library, I see firsthand the changing nature of technology, media, the workforce and the needs of local employers. There is a nonstop onslaught of global information bombarding our kids, parents and teachers. In order for our school district to keep up with these constant external changes and the needs of the community, it needs to be innovative and forward thinking while making sure the children of our community are getting an education that puts them on a path to a successful life after high school. Marietta City Schools is working hard to make all of this happen. Job descriptions and evaluations should be reviewed periodically; however, I feel the board of education has much more important matters they should be focusing on at this time. The board is fortunate to have great employees including bus drivers, support staff, teachers, principals and administration.

Justin Mayo