Portman stands out as a rational Republican

The magic border wall which will stop asylum seekers, drug smugglers, rapists and gang members was not an emergency crisis or even a priority for Republicans when they controlled all branches of government.

Now the vain fellow in the White House and his senate majority Kentucky toadies are opposing all sensible actions to put the government back in the business of working for its citizens. The sky is falling due to perceived border problems.

The local congress guy says if one does not support his president’s wild ideas and lies instead of technological advances and more personnel, for which border security is asking, one is in favor of an invasion. What utter nonsense.

There is an Ohio Republican who has thrown his party a lifeline. Senator Portman has introduced two bills which the Kentucky obstructionist refuses to let come to a vote.

One of Portman’s bills would establish a 25 billion dollar trust fund for border security and DACA. It would fund 700 miles of reinforced fences, remote sensors, patrol roads, camera systems, air crafts and drones. The Senate passed a similar bill 11 months ago with bipartisan support (54 votes) but the Kentucky fellow employed the 60 votes needed rule when his boss had a tantrum.

The border was no emergency then.

Portman, with others, introduced END Government Shutdowns Act which would protect taxpayers from shutdown costs and keep essential services functioning. It would initiate an automatic continuing resolution (funding for government) when budget negotiations run beyond spending time limits.

It seems Senator Portman has introduced it many times over the last nine years.

No vote is being allowed. Kentucky McConnell is all about being his “leader’s” water boy and not representing even his own party members if they speak sanely. I suggest the Republican Senate majority remove the crawling Kentuckian. They might find a reasonable replacement from Ohio.

Tom Anderson