The reason for any collapse rests on illegal immigration

I am writing to address the letter writer’s concern (see Letter to the Editor Jan. 10) regarding the “collapse of our constitutional republic.” I applaud the gentleman on his description of our country as a “republic” when so many in the Democrat party have taken to referring to our nation as a “democracy.” As the writer well knows, any majority in a democracy can infringe upon the rights of a minority.

In this instance, the minority I believe the President is seeking to protect is that small but growing number of American citizens who have their rights infringed upon by the ever-swelling number of illegal immigrants flooding our country. Hardly a week passes in which we do not read a national news story about an American citizen killed, injured, or harmed in some way by an individual who has entered the country illegally. There has not been a state, county, city or village which has not been affected by the flow of illegal drugs through this nation’s southern border.

I support the compassionate application of our immigration laws. I believe strongly that the United States should welcome those who, in seeking to pursue the American dream, abide by our laws and enter our country legally. It is because so many in Washington currently hold an opposing view that we have a crisis. I would argue that what currently imperils our Republic are not the actions of the President, but rather the lawless course pursued by those who seek open borders for political gain.

Ron Feathers

Washington County Commissioner