There is local concern over shutdown; Congress needs to act to overrule Trump

I was amused to read in the news on Jan. 8 that the Marietta office manager for Congressman Bill Johnson “has heard no direct concerns from local constituents” about the partial federal government shutdown. On Jan. 5, I sent nearly identical e-mails to Congressman Johnson and Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman expressing my main concerns. So far, only Senator Brown has acknowledged receipt of my e-mail. Perhaps Congressman Johnson and Senator Portman only recognize views that support holding America hostage to President Trump’s demand for funding.

If Trump refuses to reopen the government and congress refuses to override his implied veto threats, a possible outcome is the collapse of our constitutional republic and a civil war to reestablish a functioning federal government. This outcome seems most likely if Trump attempts to invoke “emergency powers” or implement “martial law” to obtain funding to build his “Great Wall of Trump” and install himself as a Putin-style dictator. The job of congress is to overrule the president, reopen the government and avoid a civil war.

James L. Raney