Concern over Norwood property owned by bank

Wells Fargo runs double page ads in USA Today and New York Times telling us the company that created bogus accounts for its clients is changing its ways.

Don’t believe it for a second!

Wells Fargo owns 141 Oakwood Ave. It refuses to sell the three-year disaster although its Athens agent has had offers.

The dog warden, humane society, police, code enforcement, city health department and others have received complaints and/or responded numerous times.

Eight dogs were abandoned by a previous owner, tons of trash and furniture left for two years. Mosquitoes are eating the neighborhood because of trapped water. Broken windows, gutters falling off the house.

The beautiful neighborhood is being destroyed by Wells Fargo and lack of city government response.

Only a front page story in The Marietta Times got movement to clean up some of the mess.

After years of neglect, neighborhood children and their parents deserve better.

Roger G. Kalter