Don’t hold your breath for Eramet to fix noise issue

I have worked in and around industrial plants all over the United States and some in Canada. All of these plants have to meet EPA standards for pollution and noise output.

Eramet is a very bad neighbor. We the people of Wood and Washington counties have put up with this loud moaning noise for long enough. If man made it man can fix it. All plants employ millwrights to repair and keep the plant running … so why wait for an engineer from France? How stupid. All plants in America have dust reclaims; motors, belts, dryers, etc. This separator is no different.

Eramet somehow feels that we must suffer because EPA has made them stop polluting the environment.

Folks, it’s all about money. They are not an American company. They care nothing about the noise, only making the dollar and not spending it. If local governments can’t make them fix it, then it’s time to go to the federal government. They have had long enough. Fix it or shut it down.

David R. Murphy



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