Constituent hopes county commissioners reconsider

Commissioners, please reconsider your refusal to apply for funding for green space in our county. Passing up the opportunity to apply for Clean Ohio Funds to fund a large track of land in western Washington County is selling our citizens short. Seventy-five percent of the money needed would come from the grant. Bringing money back into our area is good stimulus to create other possibilities. A large park-like area would add to economic opportunities as well as recreational options. Take a trip out to that beautiful area and image the draw for relaxation, fun and healthy activities.

My family lived in that area for 35 years and believe me, the beauty is a treasure all should enjoy. A large multi-use area in western Washington County would be a plus for everyone. Hocking Hills is a good example of showcasing the natural beauty to benefit the entire county. Encourage the commissioners to take a visionary view considering the welfare of the citizens of Washington County.

Debra Miller



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