Senator Brown doesn’t want to be president

The writer of the editorial on March 12 concerning Sherrod Brown, seems to believe that the majority of Americans support Republicans. While it’s true they do in southeastern Ohio, most voters in this country are leaning to the left, and if it weren’t for extreme gerrymandering, most elections would go to Democrats. A majority of voters are very dissatisfied with the way things are going, and they want real change.

They want universal healthcare, jobs programs and a living wage, clean air and water, a safe and modern infrastructure, our parks and wilderness areas protected, good public schools, etc., and they are beginning to realize that the Republican Party is opposed to all of these things. Donald Trump’s just-released budget wants more cuts to our already cut-to-the-bone social programs, while it increases military funding. The rumor is he’s shopping around for a nice little war to distract us from his criminal behavior.

As for Sherrod Brown, he was on MSNBC last night, saying that he never really wanted to be president, he loves being a Senator and thinks he can get more done for us in that way. His tour was mostly to remind his fellow Democrats that the working men and women around this country are not only the bedrock of American life, they are the traditional base of the Democratic Party. It is essential that they are listened to and taken seriously, if Democrats want to be elected.

How far you’ve fallen, Marietta Times, to use this good man to slam Democrats, while completely ignoring the crime family that has taken over the White House and infiltrated our government agencies. You have become their instrument; you are helping them destroy our country, and you must share in the responsibility for the consequences.

Regina Carpenter

Little Hocking


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