Difficult relationship the with truth

The Marietta Times Opinion piece “Spying on Trump campaign is concerning” in the April 15 edition was disappointing. In case you had forgotten, Attorney General William Barr lobbied President Trump for the AG position – his words assuring Trump that he would “have his back.” The way I remember the run up to the 2016 election, the media and the FBI bent over backward to stay neutral and unbiased because Trump kept talking about the election being “rigged.” We all knew Secretary Clinton’s emails were being scrutinized but we didn’t know there was an investigation of Trump and the Russians.

In the Marietta Times Opinion piece “Voters know there’s no such thing as ‘free'” in the April 27-28 edition, I see things a bit differently. The Republicans keep voting tax cuts for the 1 percent at the expense of you and I. The last tax cut was also supposed to “trickle down” but it only resulted in the wealthy (like President Trump) and some companies paying less or no tax while some got thousands of dollars in refunds. Even the wealthy are a little embarrassed at receiving all these tax cuts while the rest of us try to make ends meet with stagnant wages and rising health care and prescription drug costs.

If the Republicans and Trump get four more years, they will go after “entitlements” – not only Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) but Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid will be at risk. They put the nation deeper in debt and then complain about how much our social-net programs are costing. And despite what they say, they have no health-care plan to replace Obamacare. Right now we have more maternal deaths than any other industrialized country and closing down Planned Parenthood clinics certainly contributed to these deaths. Another thing many have forgotten — Obamacare was originally a Republican idea.

And no matter what President Trump does, no matter how he fails to understand the three branches of government and how each branch is separate, equal and a check and balance on the other two branches, the Republicans seem to only be interested in their agenda; they don’t care what Trump does as long as they get what they want and get re-elected, the Constitution be damned.

If I seem a little negative, it might be because if the American people unwittingly (and with the help of Russia and social media) elected Donald Trump president the first time, they might do it again because they are just not paying attention and they don’t seem to mind that President Trump has a problem telling the truth.

Carol Lazear Mitchell



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