Ormet workers remember

On the front page of the May 30 Marietta Times appeared almost an entire page coverage of the natural gas power plant to be built on the former Ormet site. This is not all good news to former Ormet employees. This idea is exactly what Ormet tried to build to save 1,000 jobs. But PUCO, AEP, the Ohio governor and several so-called “local politicians” appeared to do absolutely very little or nothing at all. With help, the shutdown may have been avoided. Yes, it is good to have new jobs brought to the area, but you are talking only 20 full-time jobs to eventually run this operation after completion. This is to be done on 25 acres of the Ormet site – a far cry from the 1,000 jobs and a total of approx. 1,600 acres that Ormet was developed on.

At one time, Ormet employed more than 3,000 salary and hourly employees. I am well aware of the plant closings that have taken and are taking place in the present time all around. But to have the resources Ormet had, along with a highly successful management team and with the number one workforce that made up the United Steelworkers … This plant (not only in my mind as a former employee) should not have SHUT DOWN because of these reasons. Ormet employees have moved on but will never forget the reasons they were forced to.

Ray Witten



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