Marietta can do better when welcoming visitors to town

The Marietta Times editorial on July 5 regarding the need to work together to welcome visitors was spot on. The impact of seeing that the ball had been dropped was magnified by failure to take action to remedy the situation. The lack of cell phone coverage on the levee needs to be addressed at some point.

But first some immediate action needs to be taken. Letters of apology need to go out yesterday to the passengers and crew of Queen of the Mississippi. Included should be the steps that have been taken to prevent a reoccurrence – listing organizations, titles and if possible, names of individuals responsible (assuming that these actions have been taken).

A coupon/chit should be included in the letter. There are options galore here. Free lodging or dining, a cruise on the Valley Gem, etc. Something to show folks that Marietta is serious about how they treat their visitors.

Come on, people – show these folks that Marietta has some CLASS.

Bill Teegarden



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