Taking it to the beginning

Walmart sold 3.5 million opioids — fact.

Drugs are behind the heartbreak for many parents, yet most fail to act on a timely basis. As kids drop out of sports, the band and other wonderful activities, parents hide from the truth. Yes, many teens are either into drugs or are influenced by friends taking this unfortunate path.

How did my child get started on drugs?

Where did my child get drugs?

While some teens overdose, the equally sad story is that many teens tell parents the familiar lie: “I just don’t want to play this year.” Well, the sad truth is that they drop out of activities and end up never rebounding as drugs become the central figure in their lives.

So when I read that the Marietta Walmart is the number one distributor of opioids, my stomach curled. Hey, the Marietta Walmart Pharmacy distributed 3.5 million opioids in a short period of time.

So, I thought back about the kids we lost to drugs.

I thought back about the truth. Kids started off with opioids they purchased from other kids, and then moved to marijuana and harder drugs.

Kids whose star once shined bright took the drug trip and grew into absolutely nothing. Some parents hid from the truth while others simply did not apply a good dose of discipline. Result? A ruined, potentially wonderful young person.

Today we live in a fast-paced world. Large aggressive companies like Walmart are operating at a fever pitch to “sell more stuff.” In this case it is 3.5 million opioids.

My most memorable moment in 20 years of coaching came the day I helped a mom clean out her son’s locker.

She said, “We knew this day was coming, but I guess we hid from it all.” Like this mom, I loved her son. We all lost.

Drugs won.

Fact: We all know — Kids move from opioids to harder drugs. They just do. This is their path to failure.

Yes, they just do.

Hey, Walmart Marietta sold 3.5 million opioids. How many were repackaged and sold to our kids?

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I embarrassed myself by standing at our Marietta Walmart with a protest sign.

Cars drove past and folks read my sign, this Walmart sold 3.5 million opioids!

3.5 million sold?

Coach Bob Springer