Thumbs down on security measures at courthouse

Regarding the recent front page article, “Courthouse security gets thumbs up:”

My opinion, and lots of others, would give it a “big thumbs down.” What justifies such security measures on the hub of the county’s business? Business has gone on for years without issues. Maybe I just don’t like the inconvenience, but I like the freedom we still have (I think) in this country to come and go without security checkpoints.

If the county clerk and her six employees feel threatened, then put the security block on her office door, not the whole building.

Another point, the article said, “as an employee who doesn’t have to go through the metal detector.” Doesn’t this compromise the intent of the security system? Hasn’t it been employees – disgruntled or fired employees – who have created a lot of the workplace shootings, for example?

Let’s not get into the situation that they have at the Social Security office with the officer present at all times! Why?

George W. Wulfert