Trump is not America

Mr. Trump may have gone too far this time. While Americans have become accustomed to Trump’s inflation of his intelligence and wealth, the idea that he and his policies represent American ideals is out of bounds. When he berates elected members of Congress for disagreeing with him on policy by saying they don’t love America, such remarks cannot go unanswered.

When we disagree with you Mr. Trump it is not because we dislike America, rather it is because we love America and cannot stand by and watch you turn our country into a place where only one race and one religion and one lifestyle are allowed to flourish. Truly, it is your policy that we dislike but because your ego is so fragile, it must be you we dislike as well.

Standing for truth and speaking that truth is still an important virtue, one that parents try to teach their children. Republicans, blinded by greed and a lust for power, have forgotten this fact and will likely regret the legacy they are forging. Take heart, America, most of them are old and fading away. Mitch McConnell has a credible challenger for his Tennessee Senate seat in 2020. So does Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. The new representatives in Congress are just the beginning of a changing of the guard. The vigor with which Republicans defend Trump’s tactics belies that fact that they are on the wrong side of history.

The future does not belong to the fearful and feckless who never learned how to embrace the wonderful diversity of the United States and long to return to a patriarchy reminiscent of the monarchy that was overthrown in 1776. Putting the genie back in the bottle after Republicans have been exposed for the self-serving and yes, racist individuals they are can only lead to one outcome. They have no future. The Constitution does not support their position and eventually the pitiful attempts to deny the inevitable will fail. Will the party survive, we don’t know.

So take heart, Americans who love freedom and believe that everyone deserves to live without fear that the color of their skin or any other difference makes them a target for hate. Trump doesn’t speak for me and I believe he doesn’t speak for the vast majority of Americans.

Teresa Porter