Questions for the BOE

With early voting starting Oct. 8, I am here to ask when there will be an open public forum to discuss the upcoming property tax levy for the purpose of constructing a new school facility?

I feel there should be several forums held at different times so everyone has an opportunity to attend. People do work shift work and cannot always attend the usual times slots.

I have several questions and concerns.

I would like to know how many years the levy is for?

If you sell off the properties owned by the school district, will those proceeds go to the reduction of the levy?

What is the purchase price of the property at Washington State CC?

Is this 49 acre tract of land in the city limits?

Does this location include enough acreage for a sports complex to handle all grade levels of football, track & field, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc.? Is a sports complex part of the total package cost?

Will this location have an auditorium?

You’re currently renting Don Drumm Football Field from Marietta College for over $35,000 a year, the Armory from the city for basketball practice and events, and the tennis courts at MC. Will that stop?

Do you plan to sell off the Glendale football field and tennis courts, the gymnasium and auditorium at the Senior High School, the ball fields at Phillips School and the soccer fields in Devola? Or are you going to have people running all over?

According to a Times report on March 19, 2017, our school buses travel 1588 miles a day for 285,000 miles per year. You have 2600 students. So does that mean more buses, more miles, more fuel, more manpower to transport students from their neighborhood schools?

Warren Local School District got the State of Ohio to provide 38 million dollars for their buidling project, which is 63% of the total cost. The State is only giving us 39%. Why such a big difference?

There are a lot of questions that need answered.

Please hold Q&A sessions so everyone can be informed and will be able to vote the way they feel is best.

Kathy Shively