College student appreciates city

Sunsets in Marietta are truly stunning, but that’s not the reason I’m here. My name is Benjamin Hrovat, and I have traveled approximately 700 miles from my home in Rhode Island to attend a small liberal arts college that you may have heard about. Since leaving the smallest state in the union, the first three weeks here have brought about a fair share of questions and answers, concerning my place amongst others and challenging the previous bias that I brought here.

My first question was about the town itself, as through visiting a number of colleges, there are beautiful campus and towns that surround them, but they do not compare to Marietta, OH. In regards to the number of service opportunities that were presented to me in the first week alone blew my mind. The sheer amount of community that I have seen here makes my personal experiences pale in comparison. However, it has come to my attention there may be animosity between the town itself and the college.

Understand this: and I speak for many of my classmates by stating this, we’re here to improve our own personal standing, try to make our future better, and to collaborate with those around us. We can’t control what the college does, we can only “control the controllables,” as a lacrosse coach once said to me. There’s a limited number of us, and we’re trying to do our part. I’m hoping to enjoy many more sunsets in this next year.

Benjamin Hrovat

Rhode Island


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