Levy conversation brings even more questions

Since speaking at the MCS Board of Education meeting Aug. 19 and a subsequent response from Russ Garrison in the form of a letter, I had more questions. More questions than I could ask in the three minutes of time you are allowed to address the board.

That is why I have read newspaper accounts and even attended a levy meeting held at the library Sept. 17. I have learned there are many more people that have questions and concerns. They, like me, question the need for the proposed school levy project.

Here are a few more of my concerns:

≤ We are writing a blank check with no guarantees.

≤ This is not a complete package for our schools. Besides continuing to rent sports facilities and continuing to send students to off-campus fields, there is no auditorium. No mention of band/orchestra.

≤ Safety and traffic concerns at the intersection of Glendale Road and Colegate Drive

≤ Currently a main intersection with two lanes and a fire department located there. Imagine trying to get emergency vehicles out in backed-up traffic.

≤ How about those taxes?

The current five-year emergency levy (now into the fourth year) will go on the ballot in November 2020 for renewal.

No indication of rolling back any of our school levied taxes. There are six of them just for the Marietta City School District.

¯ Emergency at 5.42 mills

¯ General at 5 mills

¯ General at 19.7 mills

¯ General at 8 mills

¯ General at 8.5 mills

¯ Permanent Improvement at 2.95 mills

Do renters/tenants realize that their landlords will more than likely pass their property tax increases on to them?

How about our state report card?

We got a “D” again on our state report card. Schools are about more than bricks and mortar. The only school to get a “B” was Putnam Elementary. Last school year over 50 percent of the MHS National Honor Society members were Putnam alumni. Putnam has five buses bringing students into it.

What about “Capstone Projects?”

¯ Which required senior students to complete so many hours of volunteer service in the community.

¯ The number of hours each student was to complete depended upon their grades/credits. If it looked like you were deficient in either area you had more hours to do.

¯ This program was initiated this school year to insure a higher graduation number. I believe this is a result of our state report card.

I have more concerns. Do you?

Kathy Shively