Rotary is helping to provide shelter boxes worldwide

The Rotary Club of Marietta just completed a fundraiser for the purpose of purchasing shelter boxes to be used around the world by people in need of temporary shelter in times of natural disasters. A shelter box is, in essence, everything one would need until better accommodations can be arranged.

The “kit” includes a large tent, cooking supplies and other critical items that are important to surviving a disaster for a period of time. It’s clearly no hotel but it is a lifesaver for so many in need. Each shelter box costs $1,000 so the $10,000+ dollars raised by the Rotary Club of Marietta will buy 10 shelter boxes.

The timing could not be better as the boxes will immediately be shipped to the Bahamas to help the people who have been ravaged by hurricane Dorian. Rotary International is partnering with Shelter Box to raise funds for shelter boxes needed all over the world. To learn more, visit shelterbox.org.

Larry Clayman