Voters have opportunities to bring positive changes

This fall, residents of Marietta City and the Marietta City School District have two opportunities to move our city forward into the 21st century.

Opportunity number one is the election of a new mayor. Our city is in desperate need of new leadership; a leader that will implement a vision through short and long range planning, believes in building partnerships and reaching consensus, believes in transparency regarding government decisions and also believes it’s vital to communicate regularly with residents, city employees and others.

Our current mayor, a long time Democrat, decided to become an independent last spring – therefore avoiding a primary runoff and splitting the vote this fall – apparently in an effort to be reelected. I sincerely hope this tactic is a failure. Marietta needs and deserves a new individual serving as our mayor! Marietta needs Harley Noland!

Opportunity number two is a vote for passage of the Marietta City School District bond issue. Passage of this levy is an investment in the future of our city and the education of our youth. I am an older resident of Marietta. I know my taxes will increase. However I view passage of this levy as an opportunity to “pay it forward” for students I will never see or know. I am willing to pay my share to create a revitalized and exciting educational system in Marietta; one that will help attract more businesses, families and other residents to our city. Vote for the bond issue!

Now is the time for a new mayor and new educational opportunities in Marietta. The Time is Now.

Judy Phillips