What is happening with the Armory?

I read in The Times about problems with security at the Armory. Yes, we are looking forward to the opening of the gym for the young people of Marietta. But I had the most disturbing experience the other day and it has caused me to wonder about security. It happened when I was entering the CVB office. This man exiting the office as he passed me ran his hand up my back. It was such a shock that I glanced back to address this affront and this rather seedy looking guy gave me a wink, suggestive look and hurried on. In other words he had done it on purpose and wanted me to know it.

I was dumbfounded, right here in the middle of the day outside the CVB office in the Visitor Center with others present. It was not only disgusting but it was meant to intimidate, and it caused me to think about security. This sort of aggressive behavior has no place in a public space like the Armory.

So, when I read about the report given to the Lands, Buildings and Parks by the CVB I wanted to support them by describing my firsthand experience. I know there are security cameras installed. Are they functioning? Plus, as you enter the building the image of the Pioneer on the wall “welcomes” you to the Ohio River Scenic Byways Visitor Center and the electronic kiosks, to which he points but they are nowhere to be seen. He points instead to empty fixtures and he has been doing so for months. Why aren’t the security cameras and the electronic kiosks working? These issues need to be addressed. The CVB needs our support. In fact, all of us in the building need to feel secure. Marietta deserves better.

Jane Tumas Serna