Attend school levy meetings, become informed

I am definitely for the Marietta School Levy.

One reason is I cannot think of a better solution. Does anyone else have a better solution other than just spinning our wheels?

Another is, I am tired of school boards of the past wasting our money keeping buildings open at 60% capacity.

I travel a lot throughout Ohio following my grandchildren participating in athletic events, and when I see big beautiful schools everywhere, except here, I am very jealous.

Would I love to see a total facility with an athletic complex? Yes! But, I think our board is frugal and knows that the cost would be prohibitive for us. The State does not fund athletic complexes. I believe our board wants what’s best for our children and community.

Other children in Ohio have an edge on our children with the opportunities to use 21st century teaching strategies that are not available with our present system.

I think Mr. Garrison has answered many questions in the newspaper and community meetings. I am happy to see other questions being asked. Being informed is a good thing.

The board, administrators, and volunteers are going out of their way to answer questions and provide information.

If you are still not convinced or remain undecided, please attend one of the meetings. Get your information from those who really know the facts.

If this levy doesn’t pass, it appears neighborhood schools are going to close anyway. If they do close, it might as well be for a positive thing like a NEW SCHOOL, not moving everyone to an OLD school.

For or against, please be an informed voter and VOTE.

John Karas



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