Betrayal of Kurds just the latest outrage of many

The outrages come so thick and fast these days, it’s hard to keep up. One often has to put yesterday’s scandals aside in order to make room for the latest ones. However, there are those that stand out; never to be forgotten, heinous acts that rise above the tawdry, day-to-day crimes of the Trump administration.

The kidnapping of refugee children, forcibly taking them from their mothers and fathers, and putting them in cages, without proper care, is one of those acts. And it’s still going on today. Little kids, including toddlers and babies, traumatized for life, all at the whim of an out-of-control president. Reports indicate every kind of abuse and neglect has been inflicted on these little ones. In our name. A vile, ongoing act, and yet we allow it to continue.

Now we are forced to watch a new abomination, one that is equally malevolent, and like the caging of children, will be a lasting stain on the honor and integrity of this country. Donald Trump’s shameless betrayal of the Kurds in Syria has horrified even many Republicans, and left our allies around the world wondering if they are next in line for a double-cross.

At our behest, these heroic people have fought ISIS for five years, losing more than 10,000 fighters in the process, and incurring many more wounded. They have been our staunch allies, sincere friends, and all they asked from us was to protect them from Turkey.

Yet it took just one angry phone call from Turkey’s leader to convince Trump to quickly move our forces out of the area, leaving the Kurds and their families to be brutally slaughtered by a much larger and better armed military. Without even consulting the Pentagon, our dear leader decided to beat a hasty retreat. This is what comes from bad leadership. Our fighting men and women deserve better.

I know that the majority of Americans would never support such despicable behavior; unfortunately we have no say in the matter. Our country has been taken away from us by heartless madmen, and I don’t think we will get it back anytime soon.

Regina Carpenter

Little Hocking


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