Food pantry board offers clarification on move

The Board of Directors for the Greater Marietta Community Food Pantry would like to address the concerns brought forward in the Marietta Times editorial published on Oct. 17.

For 40 years, the food pantry housed at First Congregational Church on Front Street has been serving the needs of our community. Unfortunately, the number of families facing food insecurities has been growing. As a result, the Pantry needed to find a location that would enhance our ability to support the needs of our clients and our community, both now and in the future. While we are confident that the new location’s benefits greatly outweigh the downsides, we understand that change can be difficult. Therefore, if anyone is faced with a hardship related to the new location, we are committed to solving their problem.

When deciding to relocate, the Greater Marietta Community Food Pantry carefully evaluated possible locations, weighing the pros and cons. Our evaluation also included overall accessibility-including site location, handicap accessibility, and parking. While the Times’ editorial expressed a concern about location, it is important to know that we have considerable knowledge of our clients’ addresses and their usual modes of transportation. Additionally, consideration of the benefit of being located out of the flood plain, having Phase 3 electrical service to accommodate our many coolers and freezers (allowing us to potentially double the number of units), energy efficient LED lighting and having a landlord that is willing to make modifications to the building to better allow us to “customize” our operations to fit our needs at little or no cost was critical. These factors were all considered in our decision to select the new site on Ohio 821.

We have an obligation that we take very seriously to serve the community, and would never do something that would make it more difficult for the community to access our services. In fact, we envision expanding our services to other clients in places where there is food insecurity.

The Board welcomes members of the community to see the new Greater Marietta Community Food Pantry location on Ohio 821 site, Complex No. 1, Building 3. The Pantry is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:00am till 1:00pm and on Wednesday, 4:30pm till 6:30pm. We sincerely thank everyone who has supported the Pantry with a donation of their time or financial support. Our mission is critical to the health and vitality of so many in our community.

Orvie Fischer, Acting President of board of directors

Greater Marietta Community Food Pantry


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