Levy is just another hit to taxpayers

Here we go again. I see that the Marietta City Schools Board of Education wants the real estate property owners of Marietta to once again dig into our pockets and fund yet another bond levy! The district already receives funds from six general, permanent improvement and emergency levies. Well, stay out of my pocket! I am tired of the property owners in this district having to carry the load every time the BOE thinks it needs something.

According to a newspaper article in the Sept. 17 edition, the Ohio Department of Education issued Marietta City Schools a grade of “D” on its 2018-2019 report card. Back when I went to school, a “D” was not a grade to be proud of. Our current Board of Education and Administration should spend more time trying to figure out how to improve our children’s education and less time on trying to build a new mega-school complex that other school districts would be envious of.

Also, before asking me to help pay for a $55,670,000 bond, you may want to fix the sewage line leak at the Marietta High School that has been reeking and ignored for the past few months. Drive up by the “rock” on the Colegate side, it’s over by the chain link fence to the left of the main entry. Be careful where you step!

To all you over-levied property owners out there, don’t give up hope. Join me in November and cast your “NO” vote and send the Marietta Board of Education and Administration the “no confidence” message for their mega-school plan.

Thomas L. Bogard