Noland has a long range vision for his hometown

Harley Noland graduated from Marietta High School and has lived in Marietta all his life except for short stints at Washington University in St Louis studying Architecture and the Peace Corps. When he returned to Marietta, he participated in the rebirth of Marietta first with the renovation of his own building, the oldest, still standing on the Levee as well as the renovation of other buildings downtown and beautiful houses in the historic district. Harley has a strong sense of Marietta’s history which recognizes that our pioneer forbearers made use of good long-term planning when laying out the blueprint for early Marietta. He believes that good long-range planning today will create a prosperous future for Marietta.

But over and above this historical reference Harley recognizes, in this modern electronic world, the benefits of encouraging young people with families to come to Marietta and live here. Many now can live anywhere as they conduct their businesses online. He plans on doing everything he can to encourage families to move to Marietta. Marietta needs to promote its assets around the state: the confluence of two great rivers, our friendly small-town community, and our wonderful outdoor features of mountain trails and gorgeous scenery. He will do this by working with Enrich Marietta, and the Port Authority to name two groups working for the improvement of the infrastructure of our town.

Harley Noland has the experience to provide actual, full-time, active leadership to bring Marietta into a prosperous future. Vote for Harley Noland for Mayor of Marietta.

Jane Tumas-Serna