Schlicher is committed to work for Marietta’s citizens

A vote for Josh Schlicher is a vote for Marietta’s future.

I have known Josh for over 25 years.

Josh and his wife are raising their twin daughters in the same town where Josh was born and raised. Josh can trace his ancestry to 1854 when his great-great-great grandparents Peter and Margaretha Schlicher came to America.

Josh learned from an early age about hard work and determination.

At the young age of 13, Josh was an accomplished blacksmith and during the summer worked and demonstrated his skill on Blennerhassett Island at their craft village.

Later Josh started his construction company literally from the ground up. He was very successful rehabbing, building additions and building complete houses. During this time Josh served on the Traffic Commission, Council at Large and presently City Council President. Josh has however made the commitment to give up his contruction business and become Marietta’s full-time mayor.

Josh loves Marietta and is committed to work for you, the citizens, every day to listen to your concerns and act on issues to make Marietta even better.

Please vote for Josh Schlicher on Nov. 5.

Dorothy Peppel



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