Vote ‘yes’ on levy for our children, our future

Even if you hate children and taxes – vote ‘yes’ for the MCS levy

The most important growth, development, and retention tool that every community has, are quality schools. When growth happens in a community taxes are reduced because they are shared by more people and more businesses. When growth happens property values, job and business opportunities, and wages all increase.

Thus would you pay $100 more in taxes per year to have your property value increase by $1,000 per year along with increased wages and more and more opportunities? This is the question!

The alternative, which is where we have been for the last decade, is more and more taxes due to a shrinking population, stagnate wages at best, our property values increasing at a “snail’s” pace, and finding less opportunity. We will keep paying more and more for less and less.

I hate taxes but this is an investment to lower them. I do confess that I love children and would vote ‘yes’ because of that, but mine are already grown and out of the school system. But if you live here, own a house, run a business, or just have a job, vote YES for the MCS levy and benefit yourself. The time is now.

Daniel C. Harrison



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