The GOP needs to move on

The Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee had an impossible task before them. Ohio Congressman, Jim Jordan has just finished making the argument AGAIN that because Ukraine received the security aid that was promised, eventually; no crime was committed by Mr. Trump. Obviously, this argument is a sign of desperation on the part of the Republican Party who struck a bad deal when Donald Trump became their candidate in 2016. Understandably, Democrats have pushed back that even an attempt to rob a bank is considered a crime in our system of laws. As the Thanksgiving recess begins, hopefully, time and distance from Washington will provide some perspective for Republican lawmakers.

Let’s refresh for minute the facts that Republicans are eager to gloss over. Yes, Donald J. Trump did receive a convincing number of votes in the Electoral College in 2016, despite losing the popular vote by some 3 million votes. The electoral college system which has served the country over time may need to be re-examined but not because of Trump’s election. That is not the point of this letter. What is the point is that Republicans and yes, some 40% of the electorate, in just the right combination of states in the midwest, were fooled.

Donald J. Trump was also fooled. He never expected to win. He did not enter the race to win and after he won, he had no idea how to govern. Historically, Donald Trump was raised to believe that “it’s every man for himself” and “the world is a hard place where no one cares about anyone else.” He continues to search for “his own Roy Cohn”, to make things right!

The very idea that anyone would put country and the welfare of others above their own personal self-interest is a foreign concept to the current occupant of the oval office. The House and Senate Republicans have been unwilling to acknowledge that they entered into a bad deal. In order to keep this man in power, they are evidently willing to park reason at the door and attack not only career foreign service members but a military hero who was wounded on the field of battle. Donald Trump has no concept of the motivation that drives the patriots of the CIA, FBI or military service men and women who daily put their lives on the line to protect democracy.

Nor does he understand what the people of Ukraine are fighting to achieve in standing up to Russian aggression. As a new democracy, seeking to keep Russia from over-taking them militarily and economically, the Ukrainian president and his people should evoke the admiration of Americans who as a country, once struggled for their own independence from a monarchy.

From the beginning of his presidency and even before, Donald Trump has made it clear that he disregards the importance of NATO and furthermore, candidate Trump announced in a speech prior to his election that “maybe Ukraine should just let Russia have Crimea.” The fact is Russians occupied Crimea in 2014 and declared it a part of Russia in a fake election. No wonder the Ukrainian people were not supportive of a candidate Trump’s election. Nonetheless, Ukraine has enjoyed bi-partisan support from Congress in their effort to rebuff the Russian advance. This bi-partisan support was thwarted by Trump who made this needed support dependent on help with his re-election in 2020. The only thing that stopped his plan was the courage of a whistle-blower in the intelligence community who questioned the action.

Like many, I am weary of the past three years of acrimony and deceit. I too would like the oval office to be occupied by someone who cares more about the country than himself. The sad fact is that regardless of the way any of us feel about the election of 2016, the crimes that have been committed cannot go unexamined. Future presidents need to know that such behavior by a president is not acceptable. The House Intelligence Committee has taken the only recourse provided by the Constitution, a systematic impeachment enquiry.

Pay attention. The election of Donald Trump was a bad idea for him and us. Sometimes a bad deal has to be called out for what it is. To fail to acknowledge this fact is a dereliction of duty by all concerned.

Teresa Porter



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